20 definitions by Ruby

short for hypnotiq, a a blue liquor. The company who makes it is owned by Jay-Z.
"sip notic by the liters" - gansta nation
by Ruby December 14, 2004
You just got crucially scartchede, yo.
by Ruby April 28, 2005
very cool, off the hook, something, or someone that everyone desires, very hot,so hot, that if u were talking about a grl.. she'll make gay guys go straight......
she is so rubalicious
by Ruby March 6, 2004
n. a person who is tan on the outside (mexican, indian, philipino) and white on the inside
Jenny is a coconut
by Ruby March 4, 2003
The act of eating, consuming or being accused of eating a fetus.
"You flaming Fetus Eater!"
by Ruby January 24, 2005
another term for "cock-blockin".....
by Ruby April 17, 2004