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the name of scotland before it was scotland.
during the roman invasion of brittania a wall was built by the emperor hadrian to represent the northernmost point of the empire. it still stands to this day near the modern border of england and scotland. beyond the wall - caledonia. it comes from 'caledonii' which was the name the romans gave to the tribe of 'wild men' they encountered numerous times over nearly four centuries that occupied the lands north of the wall. no one knows what this means or why the name was applied to the people. they have been written in history by the romans as ...."red haired and tall with large limbs". they had a passion for battle, went naked into combat and painted themselves blue with intricate designs. warlike and fearless the caledonii, believed to be of celtic origin...earned a reputation with the roman empire. to such an extent that a great wall was built...seperating the roman province of brittania from the kingdom of caledonia. the capital of caledonia was on the banks of the river ness, inverness. the word survives in the form of the caledonian canal and inverness caledonian thistle football club....but the word is used all over scotland for many things.
by man eilean dubh September 12, 2006
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A girl who is so beautiful and cool. She's kind and gentle, but also strong and determined. She's generous and calm, but also can definitely have a shit ton of fun. You definitely want to party with her.
Jeff: "Omg watch out here comes Caledonia, she's so fucking sexy!”
Dave: " Ya I know she was at Kayley's party. She's so fun!"
by jumbowumbo September 14, 2019
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a shitty town were the water has steroids in thats why they all ways beat avon in football
"hey when do you we play caledonia"
"idk they're just gunna beat us anyways"
by Byron Howe August 29, 2007
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Yes it is small town Michigan, rural, but not backward. They have had continuous updating to the city limit sign(s). Originally on same pole, and sign read; enter leave, enter leave as it swung in the wind, BUT, now there are two signs marking the village boundries and is a convient place to hang a hammock. A 1957 graduate of H.S. says you'll have fond mememories 60yrs from now.
If the smell of cow dung has your nostrils yearning for relief, Your in Caledonia, Michigan
by BOB ROWLAND February 11, 2005
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Tiny little town in Northern Mississippi that has a terrible football team, but a good band. Filled mostly with uptight hyper religious types, stoners, the reddest rednecks around, and military airmen, all sharing one goal: to get the fuck out of there.
Guy 1: "Hey man, where do you live?"
Guy 2: "Caledonia."
Guy 1: "Oh wow, man, I'm sorry for your torment."
by RC-Odin October 23, 2011
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