9 definitions by Ronald k chump

People who are sexually aroused to the borders of the Eastern Roman Empire
Dalton: hey look at this map of the Byzantine Empire
Me, a Byzantophile: I have to go to the bathroom
by Ronald k chump November 22, 2019
Prequel-Pilled is realizing the brilliance of the Star Wars Prequels (the lore, the soundtrack, the duels, and yes the dialogue) and that you have been conditioned by the media into hating the series by people that can’t comprehend it’s genius.
Bill: the Star Wars Prequels SUCK!
Fred: oh really? Why is that
Bill: The Dialogue! Ha ha so bad!
Fred: *spends hours of explaining the brilliance of the lore and why you can’t even fault the dialogue because of the net-positive impact it had on society*
Fred: And that’s why Anakin’s fall was so genius
Bill: *now a genius with an intellect of 200* wow I’m prequel-pilled
Fred: Gooood😈
by Ronald k chump June 6, 2022
The proper version of the “you” category. Not to be confused with “your” which most people get wrong. Correcting someone’s grammar in a comment section is proven to end the argument in your favor.
Ross: your the worst hunter ever Chad. A retarded monkey with arthritis could aim better than you.
Chad: *You’re
Ross: (stops living)
by Ronald k chump November 17, 2018
A person who demands strict adherence to “the science” as determined by “the experts”. Usually these folks take criticism poorly and view any opposing claims as blasphemy
Bobby Joe: are these masks actually helping with anything? They can’t be that sanitary…
Betty Lou: shh a science thumper might hear you!
by Ronald k chump August 25, 2021
It’s actually “lactose intolerant”. And why tf would it be “black toast”? You know what LACTOSE intolerance is, what does burnt toast have to do with the inability to digest dairy? You’re letting me down man.
You: I’m black toast intolerant
Me: oh really? You can only consume regular toast? Not black toast?

You: what? No I mean dairy...
Me: *looks at camera in grief*
by Ronald k chump June 3, 2021
This phrase is what you say when an armed religious group storms into your office demanding to impeach you, or worse. If said group trys to persuade the senate to decide your fate, you boldy say “i am the senate
Mace windu: the senate will decide your fate
Chancellor palpatine: i am the senate
by Ronald k chump September 19, 2018
When you think of a good thats revelent currently, but you waited too long to tell it and now its dead
Mark: look at that chicken crossing the road
John: *thinks of great joke*
Mark: Anyway...
*40 minutes later
John: i just had a joke miscarriage
by Ronald k chump August 7, 2018