a person who lacks, or has no hair at all:bold

commonly used as an insult
" oi josh ... OI BOLDY!"
by endllib June 5, 2009
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Boldi is usually a dark haired badass who always gets the prettiest girl in school, he also likes leather jackets and has a lot of money
Boldi is the coolest kid in school
by Boldi October 8, 2019
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Boldi is a badass blonde with a lot of friends, this dude is so chill everyone loves him
Did you see that boldi, he's soooooo hot
by Grebbis June 14, 2016
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Its like a chestnut but not quite

Can be used as a filler word at the end of a sentence, like "g" and often shortened to bol.
"yeah bol." "chur boldie"
by benmyg November 22, 2013
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a term used to describe that annoying person that thinks he is a demi-god, sticks round until long after he is due to leave and will boast and bragg about the insignificant things in his life that are most likely not important
oli: alex please leave now

*2 hours later*

alex: and then she came back to mine...

oli: OMG you are such a boldy
by tino217 January 19, 2011
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Tom is acting like Boldy McBold, the boldest of them all.
by J to the o-h-n February 8, 2004
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A being whom has been given the burden of living with a strange sugar puff like tumour coming out of the back of his/her's head...worst case scenario could involve unshaved chin =/...
Can be spotted wearing bum munching jeans with 10% off
Person 1:"JESUS CHRIST..can you see that overly large growth receeding from his unnatural shaped head?!?!"...
Person 2:"i think he could have a severe case of the boldy puff puff"
by shirley beans May 18, 2009
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