11 definitions by Ronald R.J. Cools

The habit of making photographs of the environment -for instance on vacation- in stead of looking at the environment itself without the mediator of the camera. The environment itself has become secondary; making pictures of it has become primary.

“John, why don’t you just leave your camera home when we go to Marroco? You can also enjoy the nature directly, without looking through the camera darling.” It seems you suffer from Kodakomania

“You have been back from vacation only 4 days. Why are you going on vacation again? Well, I did’t run out of my pictures yet".
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 16, 2007
Avatar® course jargon.

The designer of the Avatar® Course defines a primary as "a creation or communication invested with sufficient intention and effort to create a reality."

So what is your primary? What reality you want to create?
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 17, 2007
Harry Palmer is former President of a Scientology mission in Elmira. Harry Palmer is also founder and president of Star's Edge Inc. Star's Edge is the corporate entity that promotes and administers the Avatar course, a course intended to instruct students on how to effect positive changes in 1heir lives through the management of their beliefs.
"The tools that Harry Palmer created for beliefmagement exploring, really works for me!"
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 17, 2007
A word which expresses an orgasm while making love in a high grass prairie. Mix of the words: "grass" and "orgasm".
Jeannette groaned loudly during her orgrasm. But what the heck! In the high grass prairie, nobody could see us making love.
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 16, 2007
A person suffering from a multiple personality syndrome.
A combination of the words "plenty" and "identity".
Jim doesn't really suffers from his plentity syndrome. Cuz the neat thing is that Jim is never alone. There are plenty identities around him he chit-chats with.
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 16, 2007
Someone who feels cursed because of rape (any forced sexual intercourse (anal, oral or vaginal),however slight, with any object, by a man or a woman upon a man or a woman).

Mixture of “intercourse” and "cursed".

"John harrassed me sexually, and he fucked me against my will. I felt intercursed!"
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 16, 2007
Another name to express the word ''orgasm''.
Mixture of the words clitoris and orgasmic.
Wow! Johnny really turned me on... I was soooo clitoric!
by Ronald R.J. Cools December 17, 2007