usually found lurking around internet cafes this creature is what we in NZ call a 'wannabe progamer'.. generally chubby in stature this beast spends countless hours playing a stupid computer game thinking one day he will make a living out of it, also tend to sacrifice anything to win the abovementioned game which includes fucking over everyone of his so-called friends
by HeatoN March 19, 2003
Someone who gets a "real rush" from gaming.
"Wow, i feel like such a Simcore! I just took out the whole enemy team and im really hyped up!"
by Ronald McDonald June 16, 2003
To borrow money/sell goods to people and promise to pay/deliver products but don't.
That bastard on e-bay simcore'd me! I was going to complain but I know he'll just ignore me anyway and repeatedly say he doesn't have the money.
by Jesus132 July 27, 2007
To be envied by others because of his/her amazing Counter-Strike abilities
"I 'simcore' you so much because I cant handle that im a has-been at CS and you bink me 24/7, I think I'll go add some petty insult on not to mention say stupid lies behind your back and then go suggest you steal things and sell drugs to buy computer hardware.
by Charismo Atolicius Blaze March 19, 2003