American shows which take great inspiration from anime. These are shows like Avatar the Last Air Bender, The Legend of Korra, Samurai Jack, Voltron Legendary defender's and other like them. These shows are often under debate if to be considered anime.
by ozeit July 22, 2020
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A person who cant deal with the fact the anime beats American animation on all levels and thinks that Disney is the king of animation.
Here is an example of what a an american animation nutcase is like.

mick:hey kore what do you think is better anime or american animation

kore:I would have to say anime it has better animaton and way better story lines then American cartoons

mick:Oh so i guess that nothing can be better then anime and japan is the god of animation you know what kore why dont just go back to your house and watched dragon ballz you mother freaking anime fanboy!!!!!!!!!1

kore:Look all i said is that i that anime is better the American animation it is jus a fact mick dont take it so harsh.

mick;leave me alone you anime fanboy

and that me friend an example of an american animation nutcase.
by N.m August 13, 2007
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