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A man of immense strength and willpower, reigning from the mountains of Slovakia. He moved here at the turn of the century to provide for a new family, and more importantly, a better country. He fought vigorously to free Slovakia against the liberals and CNN. He has twelve sons all of which live in the homeland except one, Papa L, who moved to America after his service in the cold war. Grandpa L will have created one of the largest, if not the largest, Slovakian Dynasties known to this world.
(man kisses Grandpa L's hand)
(Slovakian accent) What do you need?
I need to borrow some money.
But son, where is the last money I lent you?
I was foolish, I'm sorry.
It's ok son I forgive you.
(man bends over and kisses Grandpa L's shoe)
by RogerMethod420 May 11, 2022
The head architect of the Chateau Loduha. He needed to build a residence for the Loduhan Clan during their pilgrimage of the 8th century. He worked tirelessly to upkeep the precious lawn and other landscaping around the chateau. The chateau was ingeniously designed to house a family of spies for the Slovakian homeland.
alright class who built the chateau loduha?
uhhh barney loduha?
no. you suck.
didymus loduha!
absolutely right. congrats
by RogerMethod420 June 20, 2022
From the 8th to the 13th century Slovakia was plagued by war and the black plague. It even reaches the mountains in which the Loduhans resided. this is the main reason why Didymus constructed the Chateau Loduha because he needed to escape the war on CNN and the black plague. Not much history is known on this era, as it was hardest to keep good history on the events during the wars against rogues. The Loduhan clan ultimately survived the dark age by scraping by as they ran a lowkey speakeasy and chapel in their cellar.
it seems like loduhan history is very scarce, right proffessor?
yes but Thee Dark Age of Loduha was the worst period for Loduhan clan historical notation
ohhhh ok.
by RogerMethod420 July 4, 2022
This war occurred nearing the end of the 8th century. The Loduhan Clan, led by Humphrey Loduha, had all the power at the time and then the liberals came with CNN by their side. The battle raged across the south western mountains of Slovakia. The Loduhan clan used their advanced bow hunting techniques to successfully rid their home of the intruders and restored power to the throne.
What was the catalyst of the Holy Slovakian war of the 8th century?

Uhhh, the famine?
Liberal invasion!
by RogerMethod420 May 14, 2022
The Loduhans bore this man in the 21st century. He holds a great amount of strength and is known to always be 10 minutes late when giving u a ride. He is an avid fan of Monsieur Bùck Gardner, and The Bowhunt or Die inc. All in all, this man is one to watch out for as a contender in the upcoming years.
Hey did u see that megabum man episode yesterday.

No I don’t waste my time on stupid shit like that.
Hey man megabum man is the greatest show of all time.
Ok pal.
by RogerMethod420 May 14, 2022