A well-renown- war general from the eighth century who was the bedrock of the Loduhan dynasty, which originates from the Loduhan Culture. He started traditions that include bow hunt or die bumper sticker on vehicles. In 832, he built the Loduhan chateau, which is located near a bunch of liberals, and a hippie coffee shop. A common stopping place for the Loduhas after mass in the 500 year old church Jesus built. Humphrey was vehemently against building bus stops due to the rapid urbanization of the city. He was the igniter for the strongest dynasties in the world.
So class what did Humphrey Loduha
(Kid raises hand)
Kid says, Chateau
Teacher says no, the absolute worst, half sheet of paper!
Teachers asks questions, where did the Loduhan Clan of the 9th century originate?
Who led the clan?
Dumb kid says for first one Canada, teacher says you guys suck
Other kid says Barack Obama
Teacher says no,
then the smart kid says Humphrey Loduha,
Teacher bends down and anoints and kisses forehead of smart kid.
by thefarm May 16, 2022