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Long pinkey nails used to scoop and snort cocaine.
In 50 cent's P.I.M.P video snoop dogg was showing off his pimp nails
by RocaFella July 18, 2004

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When they first started manufacturing cars it was a paper that said the car was entitled to you.Today they make them blue.Also its a type of race in the streetrace world which means you race for the car.
In 2F2F They raced for Pink Slips
by Rocafella May 23, 2004

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A program that is ran off of a computer Which acts as a Video game system.You can download these for any system.You play roms on them which are also known as games.Emulators are not illeagal but the roms are.It says to keep them for 24hours then delete but its like napster nothing will happen.This is an excellent way to try out a new video game or to play through it
Visaul Boy Advance is an Emulator for Game Boy Advance
by Rocafella May 23, 2004

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A show on G4TechTV which is all about video games.The two hosts include Adam Sessler and morgan Webb.Twists comedy into the mix to make a very good show
Did you see the new episode of X Play?
by RocaFella May 30, 2004

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1.A field of mines

2.The tampon isle
1.In Nam it was like a huge no mans land.

2.No way im goin in the no mans land for a box of pads
by RocaFella June 03, 2004

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A big sized file that when loaded into a console emulator plays a video game that's usually licensed.You can only read it not write on it.
Are you retarded you can keep roms for as long as you want.
by Rocafella May 23, 2004

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Ghetto math for 61.
This bitch is fine I dun came to da club like fitty leven times.-LIl Jon and the eastside boyz,Get Low
by Rocafella May 05, 2004

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