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A common way to say "ASSCLOWN", particularly in the Philadelphia, New Jersey region.
Eyyyyy, yo, sizzlechest. You wanna go and git a cheesesteak?
by Rian February 26, 2004
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The least popular place in the entire island of Ireland, if tourism is anything to go by. Most people tend to stay clear and go for a nice wee break south of the border in Dublin's fair city instead, safe in the knowledge that now they won't be kneecapped by a bunch of retards.
Husband: Honey, lets go to Belfast at the weekend
Wife: Fuck off knob jockey, we're going to Dublin, I don't fancy getting petrol bombed
by Rian August 15, 2005
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Evil bastards who stole Ireland then gave half back.
Irish Farmer: WTF is this???
British KnobJockey: It's half of Ireland
Irish Farmer: WTF am I suppose to do with half of Ireland??
British KnobJockey: I don't know, why don't you make a nice little republic for yourself
Irish Farmer: Nooo! Oi waant me fookin island back ya dorty brit! All of it!
by Rian August 15, 2005
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Inspired by the movie Requiem for a Dream, ass to ass is a sexual position where each partner simultaneously insert a double-dildo into his/her anus. Each partner is then penetrated to adquate length of the double-dildo so that they become "ass to ass."
Two heroine addicted prostitutes insert a double-dildo into her anus while a crowd of men cheer them on and a mysterious man named Uncle Hank yells, "Ass to ass!".
-Requiem for a Dream
by Rian December 8, 2003
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1; the state of being devoid of clothing
2; bare
3; unprotected
4; stripped of possessions
"Sometimes ya just gotta get naked and dance in front of small children"
by Rian February 15, 2005
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being of unattractiveness
by Rian April 17, 2004
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of or to do with the asscrack
John is a f**king rectal rim polisher!!
by Rian February 14, 2005
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