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Etymology: Fixing To > Fixin' > Fin'nin

To plan to do something.
by Ren March 30, 2005
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1. v. (snoft, snofted) To gain the upper hand in a way that makes the victim feel foolish.
2. (was snofted, got snofted) To be on the receiving end of a snoft.
2. To dismiss a partner in a way that they cannot see coming; a betrayal.
3. n. The act of gaining the upper hand.
It's starting to look like Bush got snofted in Iraq.

That was a pretty good snoft you pulled on the phone company.
by Ren September 13, 2003
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Someone low on intelligence: stupid. Derived from the book " Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick
" You are such a chickenhead!"
by Ren May 7, 2004
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a really gross girl who needs to wash her face and hair
sloppy jo is very sloppy and she has craters in her face....my sloppy jo is all sloppy and NO JO!!!!!1
by Ren June 28, 2004
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to be smooth, error free, visually outstanding, to appeal to the senses
"Damn that was flave!"
"Your lookin' flave."
"Your flave with the ladies."
"That Ren guy is flave with the women."
by Ren January 6, 2005
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Used to describe something that is more than hilarious
Your joke about that guy's haircut was blol.
by Ren August 7, 2004
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