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1. v. (snoft, snofted) To gain the upper hand in a way that makes the victim feel foolish.
2. (was snofted, got snofted) To be on the receiving end of a snoft.
2. To dismiss a partner in a way that they cannot see coming; a betrayal.
3. n. The act of gaining the upper hand.
It's starting to look like Bush got snofted in Iraq.

That was a pretty good snoft you pulled on the phone company.
by Ren September 13, 2003
Etymology: Fixing To > Fixin' > Fin'nin

To plan to do something.
by Ren March 30, 2005
Arguably the one of best cars ever made in the automobile industry. There are 10 generations of production for the Nissan Skyline.
1st Generation (1957-1963) aka ALSI-1
2nd Generation (1963-1968) aka S50/S50D/S54
3rd Generation (1968-1972) aka C10
4th Generation (1972-1977) aka C110
5th Generation (1977-1981) aka C210
6th Generation (1981-1985) aka R30
7th Generation (1985-1989) aka R31 V-Spec version is released
8th Generation (1989-1993) aka R32 V-Spec II version is released
9th Generation (1993-1998) aka R33
10th Generation (1998-? aka R34
Skyline GTS (twin turbo, RWD) with 2.5L RB25DET
Skyline GT-R came with the 2.6 6inline 6, RB26DETT (twin turbo, AWD)
whoa! that Nissan Skyline runs in the low 8's!
by Ren July 9, 2004
1. an asian person who acts black in anyway.
2. a writing utensel
1. Jin Da MC
2. sharpen the pencil please, teacher and write me a poem
by Ren July 5, 2004
to be smooth, error free, visually outstanding, to appeal to the senses
"Damn that was flave!"
"Your lookin' flave."
"Your flave with the ladies."
"That Ren guy is flave with the women."
by Ren January 6, 2005
Placing your bum on someones face.

Often a harmless prank among friends; usually done when the victim is laying down and unknowing. One pulls down his/her pants revealing the bare bum. The individual proceeds to place his/her bum directly on the victim's face.
"Hey, Johnny's sleeping on the couch, I'm gonna give him a bum platter."
by Ren October 25, 2004
Preaching; pontificating; voicing one's opinion loudly in the hopes it will gain supporters. Comes from a time when wooden boxes were used to ship soapflakes in, and were then put into use as pulpits for street preachers.
"Shirley, quit your soapboxing and give THIS guy's opinion a thought or two."
by Ren May 7, 2004