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GM's pickup truck that is also called the S10, C/K, amond other names. Very popular in the custom truck community, like the S10. Came with engines ranging from the economical 236 cu. inch straight-6 to the burly 396 big block V8, but I've seen some crazy dudes put an LS2 in them before. Very cool stock or modded truck for a relatively low price.

Very, very popular as a light-duty commercial delivery truck. My dad's NAPA store runs a fleet of 8 S10's strong and 1 Ranger, a Colorado, and an Astrovan.
Chevy/GMC C10's are great entry level customizable pickup trucks, and can be damn cool if they're bagged or turned into a cruise truck.

C10s own.
by zomgwtflolbbq October 14, 2007
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A transsexual male in the center of a circle of ten men. The transsexual then performs felacio on all 10 men in no particular order
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by Pitten July 27, 2017
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