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to be smooth, error free, visually outstanding, to appeal to the senses
"Damn that was flave!"
"Your lookin' flave."
"Your flave with the ladies."
"That Ren guy is flave with the women."
by Ren January 06, 2005
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A person with a lot of character and/or with a great personality, and with some attitude.
That chick is FLAVE!
She is ugly, but she is super flavin'.
by PeanutButta December 10, 2008
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The official definition of flave, or "to flave", or "flavin" is the act of communicating with the opposite sex in order to retain and master the skill of conversation with the opposite sex. One might also use the word macking but that term is too intimate whereas flave can just be both friendly and intimate.

A saying that goes along with this is "A Flave a day keeps the gayness away" then again... Gay people can flave too.
After sending a few hours in the library Carl might have to leave and walk around the common area simply to speak with some females that are around. After Carl comes back

Jake asks: Carl, Where you been it's been like 45 minutes..?

Carl: I was just flavin. Went to get a coffee and saw Angela and I had to flave. She's too fine.

Jake: Oh I feel you. A flave a day....
by goodlookinbadlookin December 26, 2011
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flave is the rock form of cocane. Its another word for crack. It comes from the hood... straight up.
you got a bump? Yeah, but i only got that flave rock.
by XquizIt March 01, 2005
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Given as a complement about your girlfriend. It comes from flavor, meaning that the girl is sweet, nice or is pleasant to be around. It can also be used to describe a friends girlfriend.
Ron: Hey have you seen my flave?
Rick: I haven't seen your girlfriend. I wish I had a flave like yours Ron.
Ron: Thanks bro.
by DJ 4NZick November 28, 2008
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