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the helmut shaped protrusion below a man’s waist appearing in the sheet he is wearing while attending a toga party
Alice was definitely pleased at the sight of Tyree’s trojan war helmut, she knew if she played her cards right she would be extremely lucky later that night.
by reginaandray February 28, 2007
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That extra amount of boob left over from the “one mouthful.” – Most A cup women have plabbish envy.

Damn, did you see Jay’s new girlfriend, can you imagine the serious amount of plabbish he enjoys on a nightly basis??
by reginaandray February 12, 2007
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Taco Ass The backside of the hard or soft shelled taco in which all of the taco’s insides slide out making the effect that the taco is actually pooping out the lettuce, tomato, cheese, meat and sour cream.

“Check out Julie’s white blouse, looks like a serious case of taco ass to me!”
by ReginaandRay February 20, 2007
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the shriveled up gonads of a man aged no less than 83 years old.
Ed “boom boom” Jarvis had worked successfully in the adult film industry for years, until an extreme case of cleg nuts befell him at the early age of 42, doctors surmised the cleg nut effect can be accelerated due to extreme over use
by reginaandray February 12, 2007
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The action requested from a woman whom enjoys a bit of pain from her lover in and around the nipple area
Sara grabbed the head of the stranger she had picked up at dollar pitcher night, and said, “dude don’t be so gentle, you need to get all up and t-rex tits these big ole nipples of mine.”
by reginaandray February 12, 2007
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Being drunk enough not to notice the onset of slight freezer burn occurring while having intercourse in a snow bank.
“Melissa was put on bed rest for a week by the university doctor after Saturday night’s snow ball, I wonder how her mystery partner is doing?”
by reginaandray February 16, 2007
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a complete void of a man’s ability to ejaculate, due to extreme sexual activity
Annie was bragging to her girlfriends how she wore her boyfriend out last night…

”by the time I got done with Walter last night, he had nullo!”
by ReginaandRay February 22, 2007
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