5 definitions by ReeeeeMeister666Except420

Some kid who has too many rulers and everyone needs to borrow rulers from him in geometry class.
Kid: Yo can I borrow a ruler?
Ruler of the rulers: Sure y not lmao.
by ReeeeeMeister666Except420 November 01, 2018
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Rajveer is the name given to an interesting character. He can be considered annoying by some, but many people consider him a good person. He isn't the best at math, but at least he's smarter than shmee is, at least according to everyone.
Kid: Rajveer just got a 92 on his math test!
Kid 2: NANI?
by ReeeeeMeister666Except420 October 25, 2018
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Something so fast that you can't even say 2fast4u.
Racer: I'm 2fast4u!
Racer 2: shaddap stupid mf, i'm 3fast5u!
by ReeeeeMeister666Except420 October 29, 2018
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A nickname given to Sammy by the angsty teen community. It is used as an insult among the angsty teens. Shmee does not deserve this hate, but gets it anyway because the angsty teen community is a bunch of losers.
Kid: Shmee sucks.
Kid 2: Only angsty teens say that.
by ReeeeeMeister666Except420 October 28, 2018
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