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A sad, regressive woman who buys into the nerdrage concept that women actually aren't as good as men. Often marked by insecure proclamations that she "isn't a feminist" or thinks that women really should get "back to the kitchen." Generally harbors deep resentment for happier and more confident women as well as an abiding self-hatred.
Obnoxious dude: "Get back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich lol lol"

Sheanderthal: "Why that's so clever! My goodness, it's so true that women belong in the kitchen! Damn feminists trying to encourage equal pay and such nonsense."
by RedReplicant September 12, 2010
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When a woman masturbates so furiously (often with the assistance of a vibe or dildo) that her clit feels like it's been pounded by a jackhammer.
Girl 1: "God, I gave myself three orgasms last night, but this morning I have a horrible case of jackhammer clit!"

Girl 2: "I know, right? It's that damn Hitachi, it just works too well!"
by RedReplicant August 19, 2010
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When a person, often a family member, who is highly attention seeking, makes up or exaggerates some kind of health event in proximity to a big holiday in order to create drama or put themselves in the center of plans. It is usually a vague but life-threatening illness, serious enough to cause others to drop what they're doing, but not specific enough that people will be aware of what actually ought to be happening to the person. Often after the goal is attained, the subject will let their dupes know that "the doctors found out everything was alright" - getting them off the hook for future issues.
Cousin 1: "Are you still not speaking to your mother-in-law?"

Cousin 2: "Nah, she's a liar. Remember two years ago when she got Christmas Cancer just to make sure we didn't go to grandma's, and 'recovered' just in time to go to the Bahamas?"
by RedReplicant January 3, 2019
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A snarky, occasionally trollish poster with a heart of gold. Envark loves to cause a stir, but generally has a constructive reason for doing so. Known for making over-the-top ironic jokes and frustrating overly cautious moderators.

Forums or organizations that ban Envark generally become stagnant and lose members within a very short period, as it indicates over-moderation or paranoia. In fact, Envark's status on a particular forum can be used to gauge the forum's general health and vivacity.
"Did you see that Envark got banned?"

"Yeah, now our forum will be much tidier... but boring as hell."
by RedReplicant May 17, 2010
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A nonsensical phrase used to accuse your friends/foes of being "jelly," i.e. jealous. Closely related to "U mad bro?"
Cee Lo: I see you driving 'round town with the girl I love and I'm like, FUCK YOU!

New boyfriend: U JELLY BRO?
by RedReplicant October 26, 2010
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A descriptive term, often overlapping with the use of fauxetry. Used when a person of your acquaintance is self-consciously "deep" and dramatic about every damn thing, to the point of sheer stupidity. Usually occurs in conjunction with emo whining or in cases of people who have no real relationships and so must imagine them, and usually do so by using scripts cribbed from fantasy fiction.
Guy #1: "I pine for the girl in accounting, with her milky skin and raven locks, her trembling breasts!"

Co-worker: "Oh, how fauxetic. Run along home to your mom's basement."
by RedReplicant September 26, 2010
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An unfortunate phenomenon in which people degrade or mock a woman because she enjoys having sex, has sex a lot, or may even just be rumored to participate in sexual activity. Often it's accompanied by urban legends such as the common virgin misconception that the vagina becomes larger or looser with use-- in fact, sex has no effect on vaginal size.

However, since most people would rather women be MORE sexually active than less, slut shaming is counterproductive to the aims of most men and quite a few ladies.
Guy 1: Ha ha Megan had sex with two guys, she's such a SLUT!

Guy 2: You idiot, do you want her to stop having sex? We should be encouraging this. Your slut shaming will simply discourage more women from sleeping with us and we will be virgins forever.
by RedReplicant November 10, 2010
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