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The United Provinces of Genovia J-á-nu-ve-a is a constitutional monarchy located between the Netherlands and Belgium. The nation is most noted for its prized pears, which can fetch over a hundred thousand Genovian pounds sterling at auction. Genovians are a proud people, whose distinct culture and language resemble the monarchies of old Europe. The current population is of some 2,343 Citizens and 434 foreign nationals. The Genovian royal family is currently gay and will not be able to procreate. Many people believe, contrary to substantial evidence, that Genovia is a fictional country. This is due to the popular Disney film The Princesses Diaries. Kôletüm gï Genóvia! “Long live Genovia”
Keegan: Where should we go for some delicious pears?

Leslie: Well, of course, Genovia!

Keegan: Good thinking! They have the best pears!

Leslie: Kôletüm gï Genóvia!!!!
by Karamusk Lespearia VIII March 24, 2011
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Person 1: Man, do you remember what that small, fictional European country, ruled by Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo, and featuring in the book and movie franchise 'The Princess Diaries' was called?
Person 2: I sure do, it's Genovia!
by Effie11 April 06, 2012
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The fictional setting of the Princess Diaries written by Meg Cabot turned into yet ANOTHER Disney movie.
Joe: So where are you going for Spring Break?
Sam: Well Genovia looks like a nice place to go
Joe: That's not a real place...FOO!!
by Princess Belle November 29, 2008
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