16 definitions by Ranger Wordsmith

The act of removing the stigma of being a wuss. Changing one's persona from being a pussy-cat to that of something more manly.
When Kinky Friedman ran for Texas Governor in 2006, one of his stated goals was the dewussification of Texas. "How hard could it be?"
by Ranger Wordsmith May 2, 2015
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Someone you would tell a secret or rumor to if you wanted it to be spread around. An individual who tells everything he or she knows to everyone. A blabber mouth gossip who is compelled to tell all without discretion or consideration for any ramifications.
I told her my feet hurt. Now everyone is giving me home-remedies for gout. She's quite the blabberjockey.
by Ranger Wordsmith March 18, 2015
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Something terrible that happens as fast as when the dog runs across your keyboard and permanently deletes four hours of laptop work.
When Mary doesn't like someone, she lashes out at them dogClick quick with verbal abuse.
by Ranger Wordsmith January 19, 2017
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Verb: Taking the next step in a process and usually to an extreme. The act of oneupsmanship with the intention of showing off. Besting all predecessors to the nth degree.
That guy just oneupted my idea for cold beer and hot dogs with his idea for cold beer, hotdogs, and chili cheese fries with cilantro on top.
by Ranger Wordsmith February 7, 2015
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When your puss spats the keyboard.
My answer to your question is wrong... I had an accidental catClick.
by Ranger Wordsmith January 22, 2017
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Pertaining to obsessive characteristics. Within the context of compulsive behavior and to the point of possessed.
Her cookies are virally delicious. You can't stop eating them.
by Ranger Wordsmith March 19, 2015
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Happier than slap happy, and the best of all slaphappier options.
I was slaphappier with blue or green over red. I'm slaphappiest with gray.
by Ranger Wordsmith March 19, 2015
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