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Happier than slap happy, and the best of all slaphappier options.
I was slaphappier with blue or green over red. I'm slaphappiest with gray.
by Ranger Wordsmith March 18, 2015

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A pessimist who is driven by hope. A paradoxical balance between being a skeptic and a utopian idealist. Wishfully wary. A guarded viewpoint with no tangible protection. Reckless yet cautious or reckless prudence. Circumspect with abandon.
He does not believe in God, but he hopes there is one, making him a cynoptimist about faith in a higher power.
by Ranger Wordsmith February 07, 2015

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Someone you would tell a secret or rumor to if you wanted it to be spread around. An individual who tells everything he or she knows to everyone. A blabber mouth gossip who is compelled to tell all without discretion or consideration for any ramifications.
I told her my feet hurt. Now everyone is giving me home-remedies for gout. She's quite the blabberjockey.
by Ranger Wordsmith March 18, 2015

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Comedic, funny, laughable—but idiotic, stupid, ignorant, imbecilic. Silly. Funny in an odd way.
My hair is attached to my head. Pardon my prior comediotic statement. My hair is still in place.
by Ranger Wordsmith February 07, 2015

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Having a belly full of beer and a mind that's just as liquid. Being drunk on beer and stupid at the same time.
Bob was so beered-up that he tripped on his own feet and fell face-first into the fireplace while laughing as if his actions were excellent entertainment.
by Ranger Wordsmith April 21, 2015

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Elated to the point of slapping one's grandma. Slightly happier than slap happy, but not as happy as slaphappiest while in a state of stupor or suffering from a lack of sleep.
I couldn't be slaphappier to make your acquaintance, although I don't expect to recall it later.
by Ranger Wordsmith March 19, 2015

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Romantically attached to viral episodes. In love with viralmania with tendencies to over do it in a passionate manner.
Her uncontrollable emotion for tweets about fashion is so viromantic, unlike her unkempt hair.
by Ranger Wordsmith February 09, 2015

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