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Cricket: Used when the on-field umpire is unsure of a decision regarding run-outs, stumpings, and the legality of catches. However, they now use it as a cop-out as they are too pussy to make decisions. The third umpire plays part in the umpire decision referral system.
A batsmen is clearly run out.
Tired umpire calls for third umpire so he gets a break.
by Ranga O_o December 16, 2009
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A much more technical version of urban dictionary which u can actually reference on assignemnts. It is the saviour to high school students around the world.
Guy 1: Fuck, i have a research assignment on nuclear fission due in tmoz, and i havent even started!

Guy 2: No sweat, just wikipedia that shit.
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
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an acronym standing for Fuck My Fucking Shit Life. It is to be used in situations when Fuck My Life (FML) is not deemed severe enough.
Paige: You know she has a really hairy belly?
Ethan: Eww! FMFSL! No more wanking over her.
by Ranga O_o December 15, 2009
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Toilet paper which is just one sheet thick. This toilet paper is discounted and should be used at your own risk. Your fingers will frequently go through the toilet paper creating a mess that would not occur if you were not so stingy as to buy one ply in the first place.
Guy 1: Fuck, u smell like shit. What happened to you?
Guy 2: I'm low on money this week, i've been using one ply.
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
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The most successful team in the NRL since their introduction in 1988. They have won 6 premierships and 4 minor premierships. They have qualified for the final series every year since 1991.
Guy 1: Oi brah, did the Brisbane Broncos make the finals this year.
Guy 2: Check the calendar fucktard. It's not before 1991.
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
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A free-to-air TV channel that Australian's (particularly Queenslanders and New South Welshman) could not live without. It broadcasts rugby league and cricket. If it were not for these sports it very well may not be the second best of the three major commercial networks.
Guy 1: What channel is the Broncos game on tonight?
Guy 2: Channel Nine has the rights you fagbag.
by Ranga O_o December 13, 2009
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(named after black umpire Steve Bucknor, imfamous for many shit decisions towards the end of his career)
1. the act of shitting
2. the shit itself
Brb, im gonna go bucknor.

Dude, lets put some bucknor in a bag and set it alight.
by Ranga O_o December 16, 2009
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