A luxurious apartment complex named Parkway Gardens. It was designed in a bold and innovative Henry K. Holsman and built in the 1950s in Chicago. It is located in the prestigious neighborhood of Englewood and starts on the famous 63rd Street. Many famous celebrities have resided here such as Lil Durk, Chief Keef, and King Von. It is famous for its fireworks which happen quite often and the world-class security provided by the Black Disciples Security Agency.
Person 1: O Block is dangerous
Person 2: Tf you talking about it is the most prestigious place
Person 1: Oh you right, Von's from there
by Indian Keef November 13, 2020
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The most dangerous place in Chicago home to rappers like lil Durk King von and chief Keef aka parkway gardens
Bro I’m from O Block don’t play with me
by MT Bxck on yt May 7, 2020
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A street located in South Englewood, Parkway Gardens, 64th, or 65th Chicago Illinois. Infamous for the gang Black Disciples, Drugs, Murder, Their Rappers and Labels, such as Lil Durk, Lil Reese, Fredo Santana, King Von, Chief Keef, GBE, OTF, and many more
"O Block, OTF, 3HUNNA bitch just check the stats."

King Von
by OBLOCK Deshaun January 27, 2021
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O-Block, previously known as WIIIC City, officially Parkway Garden Homes, is a low income housing project in northern Greater Grand Crossing. It is dominated by Black Disciple gang set 3Hunna, or 300. It is on MLK Jr. drive. The top of the street intersects 63rd street, who are bitter rivals of O-Block. Many famous figures such as Michelle Obama, Keith "Chief Keef" "Sosa" Farrelle Cozart, Dayvon "King Von" Dayquan Bennett, and many others come from here.
Student 1: Give me your lunch money nerd!

Student 2: I'm from O-Block bro you know we don't mess round there!

Student 1: Oh- I didn't know you was gangsta...
by ソサ// Sosa February 25, 2022
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Scary place in Chicagoat- block of O
"Find me in O-block you playin wit ur life cuh"
by MongOmega December 25, 2022
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When some continuously calls your phone while you are having sex and close to orgasm, ultimately ruining it because of the distraction.
The hotel desk clerk was O-Blocking us about checkout while we were getting it on in the spa.
by SF Transient August 7, 2006
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A group of guys that use John for free Papa Mario’s
Text O BLOCK i’m trying to eat Papa Mario’s
by Aboud Zhouri February 14, 2020
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