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n. (pl. and sing.) A series of music and rhythm games by Konami. Examples include wordDance Dance Revolution/word, word Beatmania/word, and word Guitar Freaks/word
We looked and looked, but the only Bemani they had was PPP.
by RabidSquirrel March 25, 2003
Cows don't go moo, they go NRR!
by RabidSquirrel March 25, 2003
See wordMac/word, then replace "mac" with "Windows XP" and "Apple" with "Microsoft".
Dude, wtf would you want to use Windows XP?
by RabidSquirrel March 25, 2003
A card game, played by spending lots of money on pretty pieces of cardboard.
Magic: The Gathering of Virgins.
by RabidSquirrel April 2, 2003
A word that is used when you know you ought to say something, but can't think of anything.
Please make any comments or suggestions in the below space.

by RabidSquirrel April 12, 2003