You are the DJ. awesome Bemani game where you've got the turn table. though 5-key is popular 7-key is better.
by Rane May 08, 2003
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A "DJ simulation" game in which the player must push 5 keys and a turntable in time with songs 1:10-1:45 in length.
With DDR on the rise, Beatmania is one of the harder games to find.
by dj gs68 April 24, 2003
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A real-time DJ simulator that requires players to press keys arranged similar to a piano and/or spin a turntable and/or pressing a pedal when instructed by falling dashes. Three versions currently exist: beatmania (having 5 keys and a record), beatmania IIDX (adding two keys, current game being produced), and beatmania III (5 keys, a record, and a pedal). People playing the game seem like they have no lives, as it takes awhile to play without looking at the controller and to spin the turntable efficiantly. There is one US release of beatmania to date and the release was not as accepted compared to Guitar Hero II, released around the same time, so the only way to get better songs is to import the games.
Rob: You wanna play beatmania?
Bob: No way, man. That game is so rediculously hard.
Rob: Ah, well, I'll be passing Mei on another if you need me.
by spboy June 25, 2007
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A game in which you use 5 or 7 keys and a turntable to add your own sounds to music. It is a general arcade machine you can find usually packed in a section with other Bemani. Other simular games to this are Guitar Freaks, Drummania, and keyboard mania. Those games all use the same graphical layout.

B.) A Beatmania playing (see above) will sometime use the name of the game as a joking way to say jacking off or masterbation
A.) Let's go play Beatmania.. I'll Pwn you.

B.) I can play beatmania, too.... In the bathroom.
by XeroCi May 12, 2005
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(Also known as: IIDX)

A 7 keys and turntable game made by Konami, the same people who brought us Dance Dance Revolution. It is far more challenging, harder to find, and has better songs than DDR. Most of the people that I've seen play at my local arcade are pretty skilled, and aren't fat Wapanese bastards.
You don't believe me when I say IIDX's music is better? Go listen to the song "thunder," which is from that game.
by dj gs68 October 02, 2003
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