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The girl that does the duck face in every picture. The girl that always posts the emo lyrics from whatever song she happens to be listening to in a status update. The girl that gets a new boyfriend, tells everybody how great he is, and breaks up with him 2 weeks later. The girl that posts way too many pictures of her feet. The girl that posts hot bikini pics all over her wall and then complains about all the people perving on her. The girl with the black and white and/or sepia photos of her face.
You know the girl.
Annoying Facebook Girl: lady gaga is the teh bestttttttt <3 she isso deeeeeeppp<3
by Rabees August 04, 2011

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A shortened way of saying a commonly used phrase on the internet, using the first letter of each word in the phrase.
I love using internet acronyms, LOL.

OMG, you're my BFFL.

WTF is your problem?

See ya later, I G2G.
by Rabees May 22, 2010

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When an unwanted 3 is attached to the end of an IM because of the numpad 3 being so close to the right enter key on a keyboard.
Bob: Want to see a movie?3
Walter: lol, 3 rape.
by Rabees May 22, 2010

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"Laughing quietly to myself"
A variation of LOL, used to seem witty and realistic.
Bob: Did you see that Youtube video I sent you earlier?
Walter: Yeah, lqtm.
by Rabees May 22, 2010

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