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(lqtm) Laughing Quietly To Myself: A kinder Gentler, more accurate "LOL". First credits for the use of this acronym date back to George W. Braun in 1999.
"I read Melissa B's humorous Facebook post and it had me LQTM"
by SarcasmRus October 25, 2011
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"Laughing quietly to myself." A more accurate representation of the human response to funny things seen on the interweb.

When people type lol, rarely are they laughing aloud for the whole world to hear, but merely smiling and laughing quietly to themselves.
Boner jokes cause me to LQTM.
by David Hamlin July 07, 2006
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Laugh quietly to myself. Founded by Demetri Martin.
Demitri Martin, "Lol's are just over rated. I always type 'lqtms'. Its more honest anyway."
by allatropic February 08, 2007
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'Laughing quietly to myself'. An honest alternative to lol. Popularized by US comedian Demetri Martin.
White Boy A says: he was all up in my grill!!
White Boy B says: lqtm
by Kahno June 14, 2007
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Laughing Quietly To Myself, because no one really laughs out loud.
Sadie:i went to the beach over spring break :)
Alison:which one? Neskowin?
Sadie:ya!! how'd you know?
Alison:because you always wear that neskowin sweatshirt...
Sadie:O! haha, wow...
by ms.laughsalot April 01, 2009
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An abbreviation for the phrase "laughing quietly to myself" for those who dont want to be lying when they say lol or lmao ect. when they really aren't
When I saw that mildly funny video on youtube I ws lqtm
by jplaysguitar January 04, 2010
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"Laughing quietly to myself"
A variation of LOL, used to seem witty and realistic.
Bob: Did you see that Youtube video I sent you earlier?
Walter: Yeah, lqtm.
by Rabees May 22, 2010
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