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That's when you try to act like you high society (be high-sidin') when you really broke ass and all ghetto.
J'Sha think she all high faddity eatin' up at the Cheesecake Factory.
by RLp May 25, 2005
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A trail mix-eating, Berkeley-living, Subaru wagon-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, organic food-promoting, protest-organizing, muff-diving, softball-playing, Harley-riding, toolbelt-wearing, gun-toting, yoga-teaching, vegan-cooking, demonstration-marching, Peet's-working, man-hating, cunty-toned, control-freak lesbian.
I said "what's up, coach" to the lesbaterian riding her Harly to softball practice in Berkely. She snarled back, with a cunty-toned excuse for a "hello."
by RLp June 9, 2005
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That's when you act all hyper and excited with an attitude like some heffer won't be backhanding you for gettin' all loud.
Don't be acting all hiyfee, Clofondra, we gonna get there when we get there, girl.
by RLp June 5, 2005
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This is a variation of the stroll. This go down when you cross the street with your playas in your Domonique Wilkins 1987 throwback jersey and new matching Nike Air Force Ones. You walk all slow accross Hayes Street knowing that not nary a car will hit you. This also has been known to go down on MLK in Oakland, on South Street in Philly, on St. Claire Avenue in Cleveland, on Cottage Grove in Chicago and on Crenshaw Blvd. in LA. (See Cottage Grove SHuffle and St. Claire Shuffle.)
I got stuck in traffic because Tyrelle and them be doing the Hayes Street Shuffle.
by RLp May 25, 2005
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That limiting agent that keeps bruthas and sistas from doing a god-damned thing on the job.
I aksed the bus driver, Tokwanda, to open the door when we arrived at my stop. She say, "that ain't in my job description!"
by RLp June 5, 2005
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This is when you show out and walk all slow because you be bustin' in a new sweatsedo that you done stole from the nail salon
"Did you see Diabolique high sidin' in the fifth ward?"
"Yeah, I saw that heffer trying to be all that in her new Tracy McGrady jersey she done made into a dress, but the pigeon had finger-waves like it was 1991 and she was up in the Ghetto Boys video, that busted up chicken."
by RLp June 5, 2005
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The 22 Fillmore is a cross-town San Francisco bus that hits all the spots - The Mission, Potrero, The Lower Haight, The Fillmore. Negros pile up on this bus and get all loud and hiyfee and call they play cousins on they cell-a-phones and aks pregnant teenagers what be there baby-name. Cholos and even some white folk up in Pac Heights have been known to get down on the 22. (Otherwise known as the double-deuce)
Waiter: I should just forget tips tonight; my section looks like the 22 Fillmore.
by RLp May 27, 2005
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