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A trail mix-eating, Berkeley-living, Subaru wagon-driving, Birkenstock-wearing, organic food-promoting, protest-organizing, muff-diving, softball-playing, Harley-riding, toolbelt-wearing, gun-toting, yoga-teaching, vegan-cooking, demonstration-marching, Peet's-working, man-hating, cunty-toned, control-freak lesbian.
I said "what's up, coach" to the lesbaterian riding her Harly to softball practice in Berkely. She snarled back, with a cunty-toned excuse for a "hello."
by RLp June 09, 2005
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describing a girl who has a manish haircut and masculine clothing making her look like a protestant lesbian
Bronagh looks like a proper lesbaterian in that shirt
by Stroove May 01, 2011
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