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(v.) to use the drug, LSD (otherwise known as acid).
George dropped acid today.
by Richard Simmons November 28, 2004
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a group of people smoking marijuana
Hey man, want to ditch class and have a chill session?
by Richard Simmons November 23, 2004
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A file format with human-like characteristics
omg u saevd in midiman format0 u wanker
by Richard Simmons August 27, 2003
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to have an identity crisis
d00d! u Kougo
by Richard Simmons August 27, 2003
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1) an word used by online users as a username to show gay pride
If there is someone using Bloodyknows as a handle they are using that word to show that they are gay.
by Richard Simmons June 10, 2003
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a.k.a. junk nigger
an industrious negro who extracts aluminum/copper items from the
trash and in tern receives compensation from the junkyard for said transaction.
Identified by overlaiden saddlebag
equipped bicycles or rust colored station wagons/pickup trucks
I caught that recycling engineer taking a shit next to my dumpster.
by RICHARD SIMMONS October 25, 2004
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(n.) how children with a speech impediment say soda
Mommy, may I have a taste of your choda, please?
by Richard Simmons December 14, 2004
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