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Teenage whore. They like to listen to shit music to be in a group. They flock around their tvs watchin MTV to see whats hip. They deck themselves out at hot topic to be like avril laving or good charlote or wear skimpy clothes when they are fat as hell and have backacne to be like britney spears. they always watch american idol and always vote for the gay guy. they are one of the most hated people in the world, next to terrorists.
Breaking news: The government ordered the genocide of teeny boppers.
by Rawr June 15, 2003

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Adam, Eddie, Mark, Matt, Fred.
5 awesome guys that make up a kickass band called Taking Back Sunday.
Tell All Your Friends
by RAWR August 25, 2003

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Domo-Kun Angry
by RAWR May 07, 2005

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a hot sexy half asian, half white male
hey look at that, its turbos. hes so hot i wanna make love to him!
by rawr May 15, 2004

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1.A term for a group of British people or Brits.

2.The British version of the Grammies, however they are very different. Artists actually care about Brits and they are given to GOOD artists. The award is in the shape of a Golden Face. The most sought after award in British music.
1.Hey lets go talk to those Brits, the look cool.

2.I won a Brit! Now theres nothing left to live for! *stabs*
by rawr March 30, 2005

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The most rugged and reliable pistol on the market. They can be detected by metal detectors since 80% of the pistol is steel.
"I shot him in the ass with my glock 19"
by rawr May 16, 2003

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Sadistic lead developer for the MMORPG "EVE Online: The Second Genesis", who is notorious for his excessive use of the nerf bat in most aspects of the game.
omfg, TomB is nerfing the Thorax *again*...
by rawr August 28, 2004

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