A region of space in the MMORPG "EVE: The Second Genesis", whose alliance is notorious for getting pwnt by other factions in the game on a regular basis.

Hence, when the word Venal is added to an insult, its generally referring to an extreme degree of humiliating defeat.
omg d00d, you just got wtfvenalpwnt...
by rawr August 28, 2004
A They/Them Egyptian crip that looks like every person especially A boogie Without The Hoodie. his famous catchphrase is "I like boys n girls" NOTE: except when Omar is around. They/Them have a bent nose like kk's pp. BTW if I forgot to mention he finds Omar attractive and James Charles his future husband.

note: Omar secretly has a crush on him, yet acts straight but wants his dick :)
Venal Crip: ayy whats good my sissy boy
Omar: i love you so much
Venal Crip: "leans in closer and grabs ass"
Omar: Munanyu
by kkwalkhard March 25, 2021