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A heavenly body.mainly seen in black and blue.maintain safe distance 4m her. Atleast a feet.
luna saw neha and she faints.
by RAJ October 01, 2004
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i was driving taxi this passenegr asked me take him to a "knock shop" i curiously asked again and he said brothel whore house
mate my wife is out , i m going to knock shop
by raj February 07, 2005
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Lexington Avenue, a residential street in Dayton, Ohio, known for its proliferation of crack houses.
We be rollin on dubs down Rock Road, aight?
by Raj August 27, 2004
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Acronym: Random Black Kid
Kwame King...some rich black kid thats white on the inside....CREAM PUFFS!!
by Raj June 06, 2004
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a fat bastard who makes the mistake of appearing in public.
holy shit look at that tubler she's a FAT CUNT
by raj November 21, 2004
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Its like this, its like the West Indies way of talking we talk with a blend of like Jamiacan and British, We call it broken down.
Hey boy, talk broken done na man
by Raj April 22, 2005
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Recieving unwanted pizzas called to your house by pranksters. See also taxied. In theory it is possible to be 'petting zooed' and 'clowned' by the same means.
Fuck I got totally pizzad last night. Three 16 inchers and a load of garlic bread. That was before the bouncy castle arrived. I bet it was brown-sound again.
by raj November 21, 2004
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