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When two or more people are having a heated argument on a topic that they all fundamentally agree on.
John and Carol are having an argreement on whether or not Bernie Sanders would have won the general election. John thinks he would have, but Carol disagrees... but they both agree that he should have been elected anyways.
by Frozen Donkey Wheel March 03, 2017
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When you are having a pointed discussion and the other person is combative and aggressively shouting back THE EXACT SAME THING AS YOU. What the fuck, dude? You AGREE with me. Ugh.
Argreement Pronounced: Ar-GREE-Ment

I was having the following argreement with my friend the other day:

"Italian food is really best when it's homemade."
"How can you say that?! The sauces in the restaurant suck, the noodles are boiled in plain water, which is flavorless and the bread is invariably fake sourdough and three days old!!!!"
"Um...exactly?" SMH
by Psychokitty July 17, 2018
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