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Shela. She is the most beautiful and humble person you will ever meet. She believes in love and craves a love so deep. She wants to meet the guy of her dreams in the most fairytale way as possible. She believes in fate and destiny. She is a good and loyal friend, but when she is cheated and backstabbed; she will show her hatred and despise. She is the type of person who deserves to be loved gently and properly by a gentleman. She is a very down to earth person, she has layers of mysteries that only a limited amount of people can unveil. She is humorous, smart, loving, caring, loyal and beautiful. She is very strong, she scavengers for fun and adventure but knows her boundaries. She has dreams and priorities that she is destined to achieve. She can be sensitive but she will always find ways to hid all the negativity and problems and produce happiness. She is the type of girl you need and should appreciate in your life. Shela will bring nothing but happiness and love into your life she is the one who is most deserving to be wed happily by a wonderful and worthy candidate.
Shela is kind.

Shela is the goddess of love and adventure
That daughter, Shela of yours is one sweet thing.
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by madhatter2828e43 July 26, 2016
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A beautiful individual. Looks best with Blonde hair and Blue eyes. If you find a Shela who is Single jump on that! Because Shela's tend to be very nice, sweet, and will be loyal to you forever. Singing comes naturally to them and they are beautiful. If you are dating a Shela, you ought to feel very special and treasure her always.
Damn! I can't believe someone like me has a Shela.
by Shela's_Man March 28, 2010
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Ur hot girlfriend's ugly friend or (friends). Or a group of uglys
Nah man the party was lame. My girl brought shela, brought her shela. It was a shela fest
by Dc8 October 09, 2019
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