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what you say when you're losing an argument or stuck talking to an idiot you dont want to waste your time talking to
asshole: blah blah blah
you: shut the fuck up
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 27, 2013

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an insturment that many people enjoy playing. Combine with a tromboner and a sexaphone and you will have the best band in the land.
your grandma plays the skin flute like a pro
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 23, 2013

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1) using spells or psychic abilities to manipulate the powers of the universe to serve your own interests. Frowned on by most people since sometimes involves hurting somebody else or you will get you wanted but it will come true in a way you didn't expect or have bad consequences that come with it
2) A fancy brand of chocolate
3) A brand of "smokeable incense", along with "Spice", "K2", or "Happy Hour". These blends are now illegal in most civilized places.
4) old school Slayer song
5) great sex with a handsome black man
1) Stacey tried a black magic spell her grandmother showed her and several weeks later the girl who was bullying her was killed in a brutal car accident
2) I got my girlfriend a box of Black Magic, she better give me some later.
3) One hit of that black magic and I feel very weird
4) Slayer played their song "Black Magic" and the crowd went apeshit
5) While most white boys were okay in bed, the only thing that could truly satasfy Katie was some of Shemar's black magic
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013

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a trashy, ugly girl who also has a very unlikable personality. The term (pronounced buh-gur-gur) was first made famous in upstate New York but sadly the bagerger epidemic has spread worldwide. Luckily most bagergers are fat and easy to get away from. However if you do need to get a bagerger's attention, they answer to the call of "here gergie gergie" or "yo i got free food over here".
If you see a bagerger, kill it on sight. Do it for the good of the world.
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013

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1) series of drinking games. The winning of which is a great accomplishment.
2) when somebody is drunk all the time. They drink until they pass out and when they wake up they open another drink and do it all agian.
1) The Pi Betta Slutta sorority overcame some major competition and won the annual Beer Olympics. This victory resulted in a trophy, bragging rights, and several positive pregancy tests in the next few weeks.
2) Ever since Billy fell into deep depression he started basically just doing the beer olympics every day. It's sad to see but at least I know what to get him for christmas... a big case of brew!
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013

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seriously amazing beyond comprehension. Used to describe something that warps your mind and permenantly changes you as a person and how you see the world.
sex with your mom was a real shitwhipping experience
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013

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1) name for Dallas, Detroit, or Denver
2) Diarrea
3) Divorce
4) Self proclaimed "crazy redneck" from North Carolina who entertains many people with his stories, songs, and motivational speeches. He has a long beard, frequently wears a bandanna and sunglasses, and known for his trademark catchphrase "hey mullyfucker"
1) I'm rolling into Big D tonight. Pick me up at the bus station and be ready to party
2) Eating all that buffet food gave me an attack of the Big D
3) Chuck and his wife have been having problems for a long time. Rumor has it the Big D might be in the near future.
4) Big D the crazy redneck is an inspirational role model. HEY MULLYFUCKER HEY!
by Prince_Of_Kingston November 20, 2013

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