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A disgusting alcoholic concoction often used in hazing rituals and intense party situations. May contain wine, beer, any number of spirits, cigarette ash, marijuana, and really anything that is on hand.
C'mon man, if you wanna join you gotta take a sip of the mungus
by Prerryprerrypeter July 17, 2020
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Being so irreversibly under the influence of alcohol that social ques and the surrounding environment no longer have any impact on a persons actions or decision making
Everyone got absolutely shtunted at Brads last night
by Prerryprerrypeter July 17, 2020
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An absolutely foul shot: Made from an egg yolk and Bailey's Irish Cream Liqueur, commonly served in a double shot glass. Meant to represent an embryo and semen that would be used to make a Homunculus in Alchemy.
Ten seconds after my man Dave downed the homunculus, he chundered all over the carpet.
by Prerryprerrypeter July 16, 2020
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To hit a bong, or take a puff of a joint.
cmon man, grab the bong and lets go boof outside
by Prerryprerrypeter July 19, 2020
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