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over-doing, over done, too much, crazy, or ridiculous
YO! its 106 degress outside....thats OD
by Playax08 January 16, 2009

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Nigerian(Yoruba) term for somebody being dumb, stupid, or just doesn't know anything
Tolu: Obasanjo isint the president of naija anymore?!
Deji: (suck teeth) where have u been?...Olodo
by Playax08 October 26, 2009

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Being aggravating, annoying, frustrating, or irritating.
"Tanisha irky af, always tryna start an argument."
by Playax08 June 19, 2014

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Shaking my head hard
Friend 1 txt: Girl im tryna go to the club for some good dick. My pussy bored Friend 2 txt: SMHH
by Playax08 July 27, 2012

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To be played, dissed, shitted on, rejected, turned down, pushed away, etc.
I asked Ciara for her number at her concert and she debted me and said no.
by Playax08 May 06, 2009

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A dyme that looks so fine and whose swag is thru the roof. Pretty much the chick you wished you looked like. Chick with all the right features
5 star chicks include- Beyonce, Ciara, Keri Hilson, Trina, Gabriel Union, Letoya Luckett, Kim Kardashian, Pilar Sanders, Tyra Banks, The Old Naomi Calmbell.
by Playax08 April 07, 2011

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A chick thats just a whack ass hoe....has a strong neck cause all she does is suck dick. They usually talk bout what they want knowing damn well shes a dumbass cheap hoe with no cashflow. You dont mess with these kind of chicks cause theyre usually really fake.
"Im about to take one of these birds home to suck my dick"
by Playax08 December 06, 2009

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