4 definitions by PissterInTheCup

term that people in gay bars use to describe their feeling when their emotions are feeling heightened
A: im so angry rn
K: not u being indiggggg
by PissterInTheCup May 22, 2023
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Annie: Hey! What is Thelios?
Maya: the greatest ship in the world
by PissterInTheCup March 20, 2021
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a group of extremely worrying people
Man: hey how do u feel about people in the discord group chat eden has a contagious smile

Man 2: disgusting, repulsive, worrying
by PissterInTheCup August 14, 2021
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very nice tutor she slays the day!
suddhadidi is so kind!
by PissterInTheCup March 31, 2022
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