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A rotund member of the Asian race, who although very rippliscious, tells perfectly fit athletes that they need to lose weight and get a girlfriend. They have a tendency to take advantage of mentally disabled women, by courting them, and bragging about their relationship. Their attitude is known as "fatboyindenialitus". Although these disc like creatures do their best to walk (passing it off as a quick waddle) in front of others, they have been observed rolling to destinations when they are not around their "peers". This is much more efficient for them, but they need to eat lots of food in advance, much like a bicycle tire needing air.
"Channel 9 news is sorry to report that our cameraman has been crushed by a stray Big Disc-Douche on a long roll."
by Pinguino October 06, 2012
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i. A generic noun that can be used in any situation to describe anything or anyone. It can also be used as an adjective such as fuckleing. Or a verb, such as I would fuckle that.
ii. The small post connecting a globe to a globe stand.
"Fuckle fuckle fuckle took my fuckleing fuckle fuckle. FUCK!"

"Hey, did you see Heather today?"
"Yeah, she was really hot, my dick got as hard as a fuckle, and almost as long!"
Awkward silence ensues.
by Pinguino November 03, 2012
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A German folktale told in the early 1900s, this is believed to have validated circumcisions outside of the Jewish Faith. The tale told of an old man who's foreskin hung to the ground and became a toy for neighborhood dogs. It was told as a bedtime story to make sure children cleaned under their foreskin after a Fasturbating match at school.
"Son, did you win your Fasturbating match in gym today?"
"No, I lost because my foreskin was rumpled."
"Well just make sure you don't forget the tale of Rumplepeniskin!"
by Pinguino October 06, 2012
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The competitive sport of masturbation. The first to ejaculate 1 tablespoon of their own semen is the victor. Cheaters have been known to inject large amounts of foreign semen into their vans deferens. The sport is especially popular among high school douchebags.
"Hey Dad, who won the Fasturbation World Spoon last night?"
"Dick Cox, but Mike Hawk was a close second."
by Pinguino October 06, 2012
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To masturbate to the sound of someone queefing for an extended period of time. Usually a wet queef.
"Dude, where's Kyle?"
"I think hes above the girls bathroom masturqueefing again... that kid needs a hobby.
masturbate farturbating masturfarting
by Pinguino October 06, 2012
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A large group of human females, predominately total bitches. While a few members of a Whord are sexually attractive, most individuals remain enlisted to keep their social status. Whordettes hunt in packs and are extremely dangerous predators. If you are approached by a Whord, comment on the weight of the dominant Whordette, and you will escape with only minor injuries.
Janet exlclaimed, "The Whord just killed Thomas! They're headed here right now to finish off Frank!"
by Pinguino October 06, 2012
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the proper term for an anime addict is otaku (which means an extreme fan).. but most anime addicts are considered otaku
Joe is a total otaku.
by pinguino September 21, 2005
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