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when every thing is fine on a chick but her head
Damn i thought she looked good, but she is really just a butta-head!
by pimpin March 24, 2005

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PIMP, Gets all the ladies. no hoes.
fradios is THA bomb in bed

Fradio pimps hamuda with baby powder.
by PIMPIN November 01, 2004

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A person who acts goody goody in public but then when alone with a person of the opposite sex they.......LOVE THE COCK!!!!
Man, Jasmine is a massive closet monster!
by Pimpin November 20, 2004

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when a girl has a nice ass
look at her the drop
by Pimpin September 21, 2004

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Kristin is a small person.
Kristin likes to order from the kids menu at red lobster.
by pimpin January 09, 2005

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All you need to know:
Hott Chick 1: "Man, that guy is a tool!"

Hott Chick 2: "That's because he's a marine!"
by Pimpin December 16, 2004

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A person who is of mixed race.
Demetrius is half and half. Half black and half white.
by Pimpin August 04, 2003

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