A really cute, usually black guy who loves either basketball or football, usually a player but can be loyal. Usually falls in love with girls in middle, but always has his eyes on one. He has a sense a humor, & always makes people laugh.
by Fleeboy88 March 20, 2015
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Lightskin boy who cute af and love basketball
Demetrius is handsome af
by Atvainah October 23, 2018
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A stand up man who is both loving and caring to all those in his life. He values family and works hard for his money. At times he can be rather passive but for the most part when it comes down to it he will stand up for himself. He is a great lover and is especially considerate of his partner.
by eCmOoLtLiIoSnOaNl February 7, 2010
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An overall perfect guy. He is sweet, caring, nice, attractive, intelligent, and much more. Usually all the girls and guys want him because of how perfect he is. A tall, light skin, thin, sexy guy with curly short hair and dark colored eyes. He's a one of kind guy.
"Damn, did you see that fine ass guy at the park the other day?"
"It was Demetrius."
by fawnyfawn October 27, 2011
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He’s just that nigga 🤷🏽 ♂️
Bro Demetrius just bought me a AP he’s that nigga
by Mr.Lunchable November 23, 2021
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A complete stud, that is well hung, handsome, European and a total boss
Girl 1: Oh damn that new Greek boy is SO FINE! I wanna tap that...
Girl 2: Oh I know he is such a Demetrius
by DAMNyoufinegurl April 4, 2011
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