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A preschool for children between the ages of 4 to 6.

A place where ninety percent of the students in high school would rather be.
A place that supports higher education than police academies in the United States.
I just signed my five year old up for kindergarten this fall.
by Phaedrus2nd August 03, 2009

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An activity performed by a student (usually at the last minute) to recall what the professor has been teaching for the whole semester. The word studying interestingly enough has the word "dying" within it. The purpose of this is to alert the victim as to how they will feel (as if they were dying) while participating in the activity.
Student : I was up studying section eight all night looking for the answer to problem number twenty six. I wanted to die when I couldn't find it. Where is the answer in section eight?

Professor : It's not in the book. You can find it in our in-class notes.
by Phaedrus2nd November 28, 2009

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The media's definition of the real term malicious cracker. A hacker used to be a well respected individual who loved to tinker with gadgets. In the early 90's the term changed to: A person who maliciously cracks software and or passwords. The real term "Malicious cracker" was not used because the media was careful not to offend with something close to a derogatory term. So to prevent criticism they formed a word that would not offend most people. The correct term for what society labels a hacker is malicious cracker. There three kinds of crackers. (White hats), who detect security flaws and then report them. (Black hats), who maliciously use them to their benefit and (Grey hats), who do both. A group of hackers were described in most of the media during the late early to late 90's. There were too major groups "The brotherhood" (Black hats) : a Canadian group of hackers and "Legion of Doom" (White hats): A group of well known hackers from the east coast of the United States.
Today there is a well known group of hackers (Grey Hats) known as Anonymous.
by Phaedrus2nd March 23, 2010

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An Internet Relay Chat term used to describe how long a user has been connected to the network without being disconnected.
Eric: "According to this my e-penis is two an a half inches long. Wow! That's a an inch bigger than my real penis."
by Phaedrus2nd November 01, 2009

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