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1) A mythical urban superhero who haunts inner ring suburbs righting wrongs by infiltrating and undermining groups of menaces to society and rendering them mindless with his tricks.
2) A mindgamer who plays to the outer extremes.
3) Someone who feigns mental weakness or naivety to gain an opponents confidence.
1)"We thought the Alfster was just one of us until he disappeared leaving us with a headache and empty wallets. On top of all of that he ended up with all of our women by the end of the night."
2) Only an Alfster could have fooled me that bad. I feel like a real asshole now. Hopefully my head will be unscrambled after I collect my thoughts."
3) The Alfster proceeded to take all their money and donate it to a childrens orphanage after winning the poker game which he proceeded to win after pretending to be deaf.
by Petergozinya May 26, 2009
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To take and fling an old ball bearing at another drivers windshield while on the highway during an act of road rage.
Right before he swerved off the road into the embankment, the tattooed biker decided to fling a bearing at the soccer mom driver in the minivan who accidentally cut him off on the highway. Afterwards the biker woke up in a hospital bed with the television tuned in to the cartoon channel.
by Petergozinya June 07, 2009
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1) A Chick with a fast car.

2) When a long term plan works out and everything goes smoothly as if it was written in a book.
1) The perky little blonde in the vintage Hemi Cuda passed me on the freeway doing at least 85 mph. She was tits up and wheelin.

2) The Alfster sat back and waited patiently for the fool to fall into his zealot rose trap. Soon, everything would be tits up and wheelin.
by Petergozinya September 21, 2009
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A dude that likes to walk through crowds and count on his fingers the number of ugly or fat chicks he comes across is referred to as a Monster Counter.
1) When the old biker wasn't riding scooters or sharpening knives he enjoyed being a Monster Counter while strolling through the zoo on Tuesdays.
2) The Monster Counter was known by the others as being on the receiving end of the angry pirate.
3) The Monster Counter is believed to have a tatoo of the rope wrapped around his mobley nut sack.
by Petergozinya June 06, 2009
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When looking for clues to a riddle or puzzle backfires on a person and causes the clueless person to be the object of attention.
1) Jeremy thought he was so smart until he dug so deep into the mystery at work that he inadvertently got his {ppmo} buddy Brian in trouble for the accident. Should have left well enough alone instead of getting himself snidisized.
2) I wish I could have been there when the {zole} {snidisized} the {kpi} program by telling everybody to " Check this out".
3) Do you think the "Mad Bomber" at the school was really the kid that got sent away or do you think that he was snidisized by the {Alfster}.
by Petergozinya June 04, 2009
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A "hasbeen" crane inspector who always tells you that your crane needs a new wire rope regardless of it's condition.
Mike "the rope" wrote us up again on the crane report. He said we need to replace the wire rope that was just installed last month.
by Petergozinya May 21, 2009
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A person who use others for their own personal gains, often times involving minors in grand theft felonies. Rude, white trash, hillbilly, fanny pack wearing asshat.
1) When the Zealot Rose left the project once and for all, there was no need to be aware of your surroundings near misplaced spitoon cups.
2) The Zealot Rose geniused himself right out of the project.
3) The Alfster easily trapped the Zealot Rose and

the rope and his sidekick danced with joy.
by Petergozinya June 05, 2009
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