5 definitions by Peter Urban

The heightened sense you develop for noticing when someone is going to come in your room before you do.
Nelly's jack off sense warned him to hide the porn and lotion at a moments notice.
by Peter Urban April 24, 2006
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Travel out of the country for 2 weeks to a destination such as Europe to test if your girlfriend will become a psycho when you don't communicate for that period of time.
Tell your girlfriend you're going on a backpacking trip through Europe for 2 weeks, and say you won't be able to contact her until you return. If she forgets the fact you went to Europe, e-mails you angry messages, cheats on you, then tries to tell you not to check your messages after she found out you were on a backpacking trip in Europe... She failed the Europe test, and you're better off without her.
by Peter Urban August 12, 2009
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Wrestling hold where one arm is pressed under an opponent's arm from behind to the back of their neck.
It is a mistake to believe an alligator will passively tolerate a half nelson, no matter how drunk you are.
by Peter Urban May 16, 2006
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The area of the mind where memories of hot individuals or erotic moments you've experienced are stored and remembered later during masturbation.
Jordan, did you see those girls making out? Bet you'll add that one to the spank tank.
by Peter Urban April 24, 2006
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Nelson: blah blah blah
Peter: LTMA
Nelson: wtf is LTMA?
Peter: Less talk, more action.
by Peter Urban March 20, 2007
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