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(1) One who does not understand the concept of kindness, generocity, and compassion.

(2) One who believes that people in other countries are worthless, and may be used as pawns for any use deemed by fellow Republicans.

(3) One who constitutes "terrorism" as something only done by others, not themselves.

(4) One who enforces racism, inequality, a false entirely subjective God, and murder.

(5) One who is privileged enough to have inherited a lum of cash from their parents, that they need not worry about very real, very urgent social and monetary problems of others.

Thanks to Republicans little Johnny, your mother and father are being sent off to fight a non-threatening war so that our President can have more money, while we can't afford to buy new shoes even though they're too small.
by Peace January 25, 2003
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Gaffed cards are trick-cards that can be for example double sided or have non-original faces. These types of "fake" cards can be used for a great variety of card magic-tricks. With sleight of hand, you can make the spectator believe that you have an original deck of cards. These kinds of illusions will be more powerful, giving a better reaction from the spectator(s).
No way Josh! How did you do that trick?

I'm not telling...


Ok, i used gaffed cards i bought on the internet.

You cheeky little bastard! You fooled me so bad!!! Haha.
by PeAcE March 05, 2012
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A Misfit: incompetant, a negligent practitioner in deep denial.

Also see: offspring of.-snake oil, widget, ostrich, weasel, etc.
"The belief that the mallet handle would suit the procedure well turned out to be a classic example of geohegan." --VetCare Quarterly

To claim opposite of the obvious in order to save face, or ass. Complete with results expected though never mentioned. See above. geohegan
by peace February 18, 2004
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Defense mechanism; bastion of the brain-cell challenged.
See gay
by Peace January 12, 2004
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A God, or god, like The Dentist Bob, origins in the Nutz tribe of international geniuses. Duh.
I swear to Gog, I will finish the laundry.
by Peace December 21, 2003
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