While getting it on with a girl, right before you blow your load you tell her that you think you see a cavity in her mouth. You tell her to open wide and then you quickly ejaculate in her mouth.
After banging the hell out of my hoe, I say to her open up bitch I see a cavity. I then shoot my load right in her mouth. That's why they call me The Dentist
by Pimp Dizzle J FO SHO January 10, 2010
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The act of applying toothpaste to the males "member" and putting the member in the partners mouth and proceeding to brush their teeth. And when the male has reached climax giving the partner a creamy white finish.
That bitch has ass breath so I gave her the dentist

My shit still burns from last night when I gave Sally The Dentist
by The Naked Wombat February 10, 2009
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When someone eats out a girl when she has her period, then floss with her tampon
When I had my period last week, John pulled a Dentist on me
by Deroo&Jwill December 8, 2004
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A fucked up doctor who stabs you in the mouth with needles and drills
Kid: My teeth hurt
Mom: You're gonna go to the dentist this Friday
Kid: NO!
by Fuckedous January 29, 2016
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An asshole that tells you to open your mouth wide and the proceeds to insert things in your mouth.
Dude I just went to the dentist and I had to open my mouth wide and then they put things in there.
by Your a wanker November 23, 2016
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A rich chap that sticks needles in your gums, wrenches around all your teeth, drills holes in your teeth, and bruises your face to fuck. Then he charges you loads of money.
Wish i was a dentist......
by Wise Man November 5, 2003
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Your tooth doctor. He checks you for dental problems when you go and gives you advice on your personal dental care.
The one thing I really do not like about going to the dentist: Having my teeth polished. The stuff they use has a nasty taste and feel.
by Light Joker June 3, 2004
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