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An independent variable with at least three states.
The difference between a multichotomous key and a dichotomous key is the difference between asking if our guess was warm, hot or cold instead hot or cold.
by Patrick Eberhart May 15, 2006
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Eating food in a grocery or other food supply store before paying for it at the checkout register or other payment accommodation under a similar mind set as going to a sit-down restaurant and paying after the meal is consumed. (Some stores such as Wal-Mart Neighborhood Markets make it easier to pay first by providing a dollar or half dollar price and a "pay here" box for coffee and a donut or a sweet bun.)
Man its been a long bike ride. I need to go into that Walmart and do some graze and pay or before I die of starvation.
by Patrick Eberhart December 17, 2006
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A legal notice to an online publisher from an author or other party providing detailed information about a copyright violation and a demand to remove or disable access (display) of the published material.
I sent a takedown notice to the Wikipedia but the sysops refused to delete the material so I had to sue.

You can submit a takedown notice if you ever want to withdraw permission for a publisher to use your material.

A takedown notice is legally binding.
by Patrick Eberhart May 30, 2006
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The Rapid sort or Instant sort (name of hardware version) is a sorting algorithm in which data is used to address the contents of an indexed array and the contents then incremented. The counts are then read from each location in sequential order by incrementing the index and printing the index the same number of times as the content values. Sorting is therefore transparent, automatic and instantaneous.

DIM a(9999999)
'--- Beginning of first "pass" ---------
FOR I=1 TO 100
'--- Beginning of second "pass" --------
FOR I=0 TO 9999999
if a(I)>0 then PRINT I
I used the Rapid sort to put my phone numbers in numerical order.
by Patrick Eberhart May 29, 2006
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Name for a situation in which a product or service is advertized or promoted as free yet after attracting your attention asks for a donation.
I took a look at that free Wikipedia site but it turned out to be a freedo site instead.

Freedo sites practice false advertizing nonetheless.
by Patrick Eberhart July 20, 2006
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1. (singular and plural) A mark or marks left on the neck of anyone with whom one cahoots.

2. (plural) The willies (fillings of uneasiness), shakes, sweats or chills one gets before, during or after cahooting.

3. (singular) A lone chill, willie, shake, or sweat.
My honey gave me that cahootee while we were having sex.

When political candidates and the news media are in cahoots they give everyone else the cahootees.
by Patrick Eberhart August 16, 2006
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The wiki dictionary that results when contributors are ostracized by system adminstrators.
I could not find the definition of an ostracitionary in the Wiktionary.
An ostracitionary is an incomplete dictionary.
I know its an ostracitionary because it defines the word troll but not the word ostracist.
by Patrick Eberhart May 07, 2006
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