A blowjob, named partially due to the exceedingly low cost found in some areas.
I'll give you 50 cents for a half dollar.
by VertaShow May 31, 2010
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A bitch that be takin it in the ass so much that her asshole is stretched to the size of a half dollar
Jessica takes it in the ass so much, that bitch be a half dollar.
by bigbizzle June 7, 2006
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1. a coin that is worth 50 cents in the United States
2. the rapper 50 cent
3. a fugly whore that only an isane idiot would pay 50 cents for
1 hey,I found a half dollar today
2 ahhhhhh shes listening to Half Dollar (in backround I'll take you to the candy shop...)
3. dammmmn, thats the fattest Half Dollar ive ever seen what is becoming of our city
by adad December 9, 2005
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50 cent's name as decided by The Triade, an organization devoted to stopping 50 cent since his music is so bad and wrong, maybe even badong.
At The Triade's monthly meeting:
Man, Half Dollar's music sucks so much... Grrrrrrr
by not_michael October 11, 2004
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When a girl is so hot, she exceeds that of a "dime piece".
Bro 1: The new Biggest Loser trainer is such a dime!
Bro 2: No way dude, she's so hot, she's a half dollar!
by GooeyT4R September 14, 2014
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To be finer than a dime.
Matthew: DAMN AMANDA, we half dollars!
Amanda: HELL YEA!
by madatyou January 16, 2007
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