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Large, behometh. When referring to a person it would describe not only their physical feature but also their skillz at UT and shock raping you.
That player is so 2tall. I didn't even get a chance to frag him once.

Jake is just plain 2tall. He can't even stand upright in sushi's basement without displacing the ceiling tiles.
by PaintMonster June 10, 2004
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A deadly sniper. In the early 2000's, PantherJase was responsible for many headshots in the UT plain. Even with the toned down lightining gun in 2K3 and 2K4, this was a force to deal with.
PantherJase was awarded head hunter before anyone even knew that award existed. He has pwned many from afar.
by PaintMonster June 11, 2004
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a. Name sake wall runner. Can amass a large deadly force but refuses to use it.

b. RPG slayer
Man that krendalorin deer.

Final Dragon Warrior Fantasy 12 is pwned by Krendalorin.
by PaintMonster July 13, 2004
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The crimson Gandalf. While Gandalf was the white wizard, Crimdalf is the crimson wizard. While not quite as potent as the white, when you least expect it you find yourself shock combo'ed from around the way.
I wish I had Crimdalf on my side.
by PaintMonster June 11, 2004
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An evil creature that pees on everyone.

Nothing has been able to plug this leak and the creature itself is unstoppable.
Half dragon, half UT master, half mouse beater.
by PaintMonster June 10, 2004
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Supreme RTS masta. You don't want to bring it if he's had time on the game. Not a strong UT playa, but don't count him out.
CaRnAgE verses the world on C&C Generals = CaRnAgE wins every time.
by PaintMonster June 11, 2004
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Usually mistaken as a device for crossing dangerous lands. More accurately described as someone that is network game connectivity challanged.
That Doom Buggy has a better chance of striking oil then connecting to my game of LOTR:BFME
by PaintMonster February 03, 2005
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