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Large, behometh. When referring to a person it would describe not only their physical feature but also their skillz at UT and shock raping you.
That player is so 2tall. I didn't even get a chance to frag him once.

Jake is just plain 2tall. He can't even stand upright in sushi's basement without displacing the ceiling tiles.
by PaintMonster June 10, 2004
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2tall is a street smart, pant saggin, gent, looks upper-middle class, but would be frowned upon arrival. His 6’ 4” backwards cap having ass is unapproachable unless you’re homeless on Pacific Highway 99, he gets the girl he wants and has never failed on any sights he sets. 2tall is amazing in bed, has no problem with any size issues, in his life he is well respected and truly honest with his people. If you don’t like him, it’s because you know him, or you are jealous of him and you want to fuck his girl. The only thing you can say about him is that he is good people, and rarely gets a bad reputation, and if you do hear anything bad, it’s because his girl has been doing shit that is crooked as fuck, an she’s discreditable cuz of the way she has been to get well. The way 2tall is, can be closely related to a stand up dude, and will take a hit if it’s deserved, or owed. But he is not afraid to say anything about shady people or speak his mind. He won’t hurt a woman, and will be faithful in his relationships, regardless of separating, via jail or treatment departures. Good open heart. Seriously one of a kind. Never been a person to take advantage of anyone. He is white, and his girl is too. Never had a problem with blacks, but won’t trade race. Prison ethics are applied to his daily way of living and way of life. A true friend.
Man you look just like 2tall. No bro, 2tall looks like you.
by 2b.tall February 13, 2019
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In the summer of 2003, a fresh new rapper hit the streets with his "Mr. Rogers Remix". This track was such a hit that it was followed by "Mr. Rogers Remix Part II" and, released at his second show ever on new years eve 03,an entire CD.
Man, 2tall's CD is dope, fool
by bones April 27, 2004
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