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When a game changer was place on Dark, catering or just lost in the shuffle for weeks, sometimes months leading to their release or contract expiration in aew.
Nobody has seen Samurai del Sol, formerly Kalisto, since his appearance on November 3, 2021 episode of aew Dynamite and shamed by Jericho and Amanda of Twitter for misspelling Jon (Amanda's husband) name.

Samuray del Sol is Khancel
by PaigeLover4Ever March 31, 2022
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Khancel, when a wrestler(s) got let go by Tony Khan due to budget cuts or didn't get their contract renew because "I believe their wrestling wasn't good enough".
Tony Khan: I let Swole’s contract expire as I felt her wrestling wasn’t good enough.

Swole got Khancel.
by PaigeLover4Ever March 30, 2022
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An aew stain who's loyalty to aew knows no boundaries, effecting those who blindly and following him/her.
Bianca loses in 26 seconds

JDfromNY: Bianca is buried, WWE won't push any woman other than Charlotte and Becky, they don't have long-term plans, Becky sucks

Becky vs Bianca is booked at WM

JDfromNY: WWE did this to save their asses, they didn't plan this at first, Becky sucks

JDFromNY is Khancer
by PaigeLover4Ever March 31, 2022
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A pathetic lowlife who thinks he/she can kick anyone's ass just because they watch aew or other wrestling and made themselves look stupid by issuing a challenge to someone who criticize aew.
Arman: I'm calling out Junkie, HecBitw, Paige Lover and TheRealDisco to a fight in Mumbai. I can kick your ass, I know wrestling, wah wah wah.

Arman is an aew stain
by PaigeLover4Ever May 3, 2022
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A member of the dumb side of the aew fanbase that will attack anyone who criticize aew, even if the other party is an aew fan.
Fan 1: I like aew, but they should quit talking about WWE and focus on their women's division.

Fan 2: Shut up, aew's the best, we have _____ that is way better than _____ from WWE.

Fan 2 is an aew stain.
by PaigeLover4Ever May 3, 2022
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A person who watches aew and never criticize the show and will defend it no matter how bad it is, like a shitstain left behind by aew.
Fan 1: WWE can't use this person right, he/she should go to aew, they'll be a game changer to aew.

Fan 2: Really? Then what happened to Samuray Del Sol (Kalisto)?

Fan 1: He was never that great.

Fan 1 is an aew stain.
by PaigeLover4Ever March 17, 2022
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